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Sean Ryte

Originally from Kingston, Jamaica, Sean Ryte is a Reggae artist now residing in the Tampa, Florida area.  

He was introduced to music at a very early age. His passion for music came from the Sound System Culture and Radio. While he does not limit himself to a certain type of music, he is most known for a blend of Reggae and Dancehall with hits like “Gal You A Lead” and “How We Roll” both produced by DJ Gio and Johari Productions. 

He originally met DJ Gio through a mutual friend and was originally supposed to play for the sound.  Luckily, back then Gio was starting production and gave Sean another avenue to pursue his music. 

Once he realized performing was more his passion and would put his best efforts there, the two eventually decided Sean would pursue music as an Artist, full time.  Ultimately, this path allows him the best opportunity to reach his goals: to deliver great music and to evolve over time.  

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