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DJ Ty Guardian

Mr Unruly

 DJ Ty aka Tyrone Walters was born in Kingston, Jamaica on February 16th.  Grew up in Duhaney Park with a single parent mom. He attended Ardenne High School and later played soccer for Ardenne, Mona and Duhaney Park.

Ty fell in love with music at the age of 16. He frequently attended parties while growing up in Jamaica and listening to sound systems like Stone Love and 4X4 Exodus. Inspired to DJ one day by Tony Matterhorn.

After migrating to the US in 2001, Ty lived in Fort Lauderdale for 8 years. He purchased his first DJ console in 2007 and played at weddings, baby showers and house parties. He also played on a local underground radio show called Soca Jam.

Ty moved again to the Tampa area in 2009 where his popularity grew playing at clubs like Kathleen in Lakeland, Florida from 2009 – 2010. He later joined Xquisite Sound in 2010 and continued to play at clubs and house parties.

During a club playout with Xquisite Sound, he ran into Gio in Tampa, Florida. Soon after he left Xquisite Sound on good terms and joined the Guardian Sound Family in 2013. Ty has known Gio since playing soccer for Mona back in the 90's in Jamaica. Once Gio proposed the invitation to join Guardian Sound, he never looked back and hasn't regretted it YET!

He played at different clubs and house parties alongside Gio.  He started playing music virtually on Tropical Vybz Radio in 2014 and went on to post live shows on YouTube in 2017. He considers himself a multi genre DJ and appreciates good music in pop, hip-hop, R&B, afro beats, soca, dancehall, reggae and house. His goal is to deliver positive vibez with his music and continue to share his love for what he does.

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