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DJ Mighty Mike

Just a guy who loves music...

DJ Mighty Mike, born Mike Shaw in St.Croix, USVI started playing music in 2010. "Knocking on Heavens Door" by Ed Robinson, was the song he heard that ignited his love and passion for reggae music. Music has always been an escape for Mike at an early age as it seemed to bring a calmness to his life. However, it was not until January of 2000, when he joined the military that it was evident it would probably be a part of his life. On his very first deployment in 2003, Mike purchased approximately 100 blank CDs and loaded them with music. Upon arriving at his deployment location, he found the nearest smoke pit and there he erected his secret company called "Bootlegacy". Mr. Shaw started giving music to his fellow homesick service members that would help them get through those often-long months away from home, friends and family.
Fast forward to 2010 when Mike met his mentor DJ Freeze of Soundtrain International Sounds."He was the one who really recognized my talent and encouraged me to become a DJ”, says Mike about Freeze. He introduced him to Union Squad Radio after listening to his mixes for several months. In addition, listeners inevitably became fans of such mixes and that earned Mike a spot in the rotation where he had two shows a week and was also where he got his name "DJ Mighty Mike". After 5 years on Union Squad Radio Mighty Mike walked away from DJing for a bit in hopes of returning soon. “Soon" turned out to be 2020. This was when DJ Mighty Mike, roaming the streets of Mixcloud, stumbled upon a young, vibrant DJ that went by the name DJ Blair. The enthusiasm and passion Blair displayed in his sets was undeniable and this made Mighty Mike an instant fan. Over the course of weeks and months Mike and Blair would have many conversations on the phone or through social media. After forming this friendship which would turn into a brotherly bond Mike started playing music again. One Friday a month Blair and Mike would have an extended midday mix from 11ish to 3pm. Mike knew of DJ Gio from his YouTube mixes but never attended a live show. Through his friendship with Blair an introduction was made.
Tropical Vybz Radio was brought back online and Mighty Mike was given a slot to help fill in. Over the last year Mighty Mike has provided mixes for midday, drive at 5 and as well as various slots for Tropical Vybz Radio. Mighty Mike was also a guest DJ (Atlanta) on the Guardian tour in the summer of 2021. In October of 2021 the 3pm-5pm slot for Simmah Dung Sundays opened up and Mighty Mike was given that slot. This was a huge accomplishment for Mighty Mike as this was the BIG SHOW. To Mighty Mike this was equivalent to being called up to play 3rd base for the Yankees. He’s held that slot down ever since. In Feb of 2022 Mighty Mike was invited to not only be a permanent DJ on the roster but to be an official Guardian Sound DJ.

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