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DJ Gio Guardian

Dj Gio, born Giovanni Chambers in Kingston, JA, started playing music professionally at the tender age of 16, though he was already collecting music and building a sound system years before at the age of 13. His sound system formally known as Guardian International Sound quickly became a staple in the uptown regions of Kingston, JA.  If you were a teenager in the 1990’s and you had a huge party, the chances are highly likely that this group provided the music. Having a physical sound system was the key to Guardian Sound’s success. Sounds of the likes of Copper Shot, Renegade, Code Red, and others frequently rented equipment and at times, the entire system from our sound. 

Gio was inspired by selectors such as Ian (Road Star Intl), Marvin Chin (Travelers) and radio personalities like Captain Colin Hines, Mighty Mike and Big A. Because of these influences and era, he immediately fell in love with the 90’s which was fueled by artistes like Buju Banton, Beenie Man, Bounty Killer, Scare Dem, Terror Fabulous, Capleton, Monsta Shack, Major Mackerel, Main Street Crew, and Spragga Benz just to name a few. This era stuck with him for life. Literally.

Fast forward to 2009, DJ Gio created a YouTube Channel where he started doing short mixes around 5-15 minutes in length focusing on 90’s dancehall music. The feedback was enormous and the desire for more was overwhelming.  From then, Gio grew from doing mixes to actual live shows which made his channel grow even more. To date, Gio currently has over 100,000 subscribers Worldwide across all nations and some of his top viewed mixes have over 4Million views each.

DJ Gio is also a multi-talented producer that has the hottest music, hardest work ethic, and biggest heart for his community.  Known for producing hit riddims like the “Levitation Riddim”, the “Wray Bandz Riddim”, or the 2020 Hit “Hannah Town riddim” featuring 7+ artists on the riddim including Sean Ryte, ZDA, Bang Metal, Dezey Coyote, Kemikal, and DJ Gio himself.  Other hits over recent years include “Loyal Soldiers" by Ras Cleva, “ Gal You A Lead” ft artist Sean Ryte, “Dream” featuring artist M-Eezy, “Floss Daily” ft artist 20 Benz, and “BYF” and “Blessings” from his newest project with artist ZDA, the mixtape “Just Me”. If you want to listen to his past shows or view a live one click on his the link for his YouTube channel below "subscribe", click the notification bell to get notified of live shows and updates with his channel.

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