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DJ Blair

Bana / DJ / Host on Tropical Vybz

American Born Spencer T Blair is son to a Guyanese father and American Mother. raised in Jacksonville Fl.  Spencer started playing drums at church at age 7.  In middle and high school, he started playing in marching, concert, symphonic, and jazz band.  This is where he learned to read and compose music.  Along the way he learned to play 8 different instruments.  In high school he picked up DJing as well and would play after parties on Fridays for football games and so Mr. Blair the DJ was born.  With Hip hop and Reggae as such a bad combo back in that time, his popularity grew quickly.  Later in life DJ Blair worked on oil rigs and on the land in the Gulf of Mexico for 14 years as rig help, then roughneck, driller, then regional manager before retiring in Oct 2020.

While traveling for work, Blair would search YouTube for mixes and ran across DJ Gio in his early days of YouTube.  He would listen for years before joining the chat room family.  In those days there were approximately 30 people in the chat family, so the family got to know each other.  He finally met Gio in person in August 2019 where he was invited to play live during DJ Gio’s YouTube show.  In early 2020, DJ Blair was invited to join forces with Guardian Sound and found his new home as an official Guardian Sound DJ.

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